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ok i love my chameleons cage and setup but i was wondering if anyone had some creative or different ideas that i could do for the cage. i just need a project or something to work on cause i love doing things for him.:D
Here's what I'm doing to keep busy. I'm building this open air enclosure (no walls of screen or glass, only a short perimeter wall to keep the chams corralled) for a harem of quadricornis or possibly a pair/trio of parsonii in the future. It will be heavily planted with a variety of tropicals, two or three large trees in the center, and other stuff to make it look like a small piece of the montaine rainforest.
I have the cabinet and the canopy built. I'm going to do the drain plumbing, stain, seal, and laquer the cabinets, and hopefully install the glass this weekend. I'll post some pics soon.
You could set out to build the perfect cage for you cham. Cabinet, drainage system, hood for your lights, humidifier. And you can also build outdoor sun cages.
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