Couple more questions then I should be good to go!


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I think :D


I'm confused on the cleaning of the frass. I don't understand the nets and canvas parts of it. Does anyone have any pictures? I read on the Mulberry Farms site that you don't need to clean the frass or old chow just as long as it was dried out, or did I miss read that? Also how long will it take for the worms to grow about 3/4" long from the time they hatch?

I'm just trying to make sure i've got everything right so I can go ahead and order some to hatch.
I have never ordered eggs but I can tell you, you have to clean the frass(poop) cause it will accumulate too much. It would be unsanitary not to!
Thats what I thought and was confused when I read that so I just wanted to make sure.
They make those pods seem like they are so carefree an easy to clean. lol! The poop does fall down to the bottom which is really the lid upside down, but there is a ton of it that gets all caught up in the silk or whatever the net is made out that they create. I clean my silkworm containers out EVERDAY. I do not have a pod now but I just put them on paper towels in tupperware containers with no lids. They don't crawl out! They will stick to the paper towels so you have to pick them off one by one!! It is a pain in the butt!
I can imagine. I would buy the pod but between the price of the pod plus shipping and handling I think it would get a little expensive kinda quick. Unless like I mentioned if I alternate between other feeders and just include a 3rd feeder into the mix, then it probably would be fine. How often to you feed your critter?
Well he is a year old and I feed him every other day now about 6 feeders or so. Silks, supers, horns. Still trying to work crickets back into the mix. Getting ready to try again in hopes he will want to eat them again someday. Roaches are not for me! I have 4 hornworms cocooning right now and I have never did this before, but am going to feed the moths off if they hatch.
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