Could everyone please post pics?

Could everyone please post pics of your enclosures so I can have an idea of what to build for molly? I figure since she can see a bit now she probably wouldn't like to find out she has been living in a 2X3 cage lol :rolleyes: she's a princess and needs her space. Til now she's probably though she was in an endlessly open space... since she would climb around, and around, and around hehe. Thanks!


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Seriously, just search through the threads on this forum. You will see way more pics than what are going to be posted in this thread.


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26"x25"x60" sitting on a 16x16x18 cabinet that holds my roach colony and mistking tank

I don't have all those plants in there now because she would hide to well and I could never find her...

Edit* God, I love having a woodshop :)


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I started building this cage today because it was cold today and I was super bored. It is 48"L 32"W 42"H... I am going to put a divider in it until Jasper gets big enough for a bigger cage. Or I May put a back divider and get a female I dont know yet. I spent $87.43 at Lowes for everything.

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