cosmos eye looks swollen but it remains open??


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im very concerned. today when i came home i noticed my panther's eye was swollen. it also looks like a clear slime looking coat is over his eye. im a little scared and dont know what to do. he is keeping his eye open so i dont know whats wrong. has anyone else ever had this problem??? and what should i do?? does this call for a vet visit??
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i gave him a shower and flushed the eye out and it looks better but i dont know if it will come back. does anyone know what might have caused this.
i took him to hte vet the same day i put this post. the vet says he has a small case of infection in his eye and gave me some eye stuff to treat it. its getting better but i have the flush the eye now and then because of the eye mucus. the eye doesnt look as swollen as it wasbut it still has mucus in it in the mornings. 30 min after i wrote that post i just took him to the vet. i rather be safe then sorry and im glad i did take him cause if i would have waited to long i thing it would now have turned out to good.
Glad to hear that you took your chameleon to the vets! Hope the eye will get better now! old is your chameleon?
WC or CB?
im having the same problem, im going to take mine tomarrow. i just hope i can find a vet that is good with chameleons:(
cosmo is a 12 month old cb ambilobe panther. his eye is clearing up but its still has a little mucus but at least its not swollen anymore. I don't like to take any chances. but i think he will be just fine in a couple days. good thing he tolerates handling cause putting the medicine in his eye would be tuff if he wasnt so friendly
Its hard enough to put it in an eye that is often constantly rotating even when the chameleon is friendly!

Giving them needles in the arm isn't easy either...especially when you have nobody to help you!
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