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I am trying to get a pair of jacksons chameleons. I know they like it cooler than most because they live in the mountains. My problem is my lizard room gets to be warm (around 80-90 degrees) so I have looked into cooling systems but not having good luck. The repti cooler by zoomed only lowers temps by 10 degrees. Is hot temp really lethal to jacksons? Does anyone have a good reptile cooler?


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I have a Jackson’s and I have an air conditioner right next to him to help cool him down when it gets hot like today. It also brings down the humidity because daytime humidity should be around 50%. At night it can and should be higher as long as you can get the temp down in the 60’s. This is the only reliable way of getting temps down in my opinion.
forgot to add that yes high temps can shorten their life.

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Jackson's generally do better with nighttime temperature drops into the 50sF.
Is there another room/area they could be put?

A small (room size) AC unit might work better, but you need a real AC—not an evaporative cooler—which are more expensive. Also, hybrid (not all-screen) enclosures are easier to control microclimates.
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