Controlling humidity and temperature


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This is a topic I’ve been struggling with for a bit. For a quick background, I’m planning to get a female panther chameleon sometime this year. Only reason it’s taking so long is because I’m buying all the supplies whenever I can spare the money to do so - it’s so expensive because I’m trying not to cut corners (trying not to buy unnecessary things as well).
I recently got my dragon strand tall screen cage. I thought that would have been the best choice because the humidity where I live is typically higher. In my room it’s about 50-55% on most days, though a few months ago it was about 60-75%, so it really depends. Currently it’s 48%. I thought this fit pretty well with having a dry day, and then misting the enclosure at night to increase the humidity until the next morning.
My main concerns are with temperature, however. Lately during the day, it’ll be about 70-75%, which is great during the day. But it’s like that during the night too, which is the issue. Now luckily I don’t need a major change, but I do need it to drop to 60-70, which is still pretty cold. And I’m currently weighing my solutions. I wanted to know how other keepers with similar situations have handled this kind of thing, as I don’t see a lot of discussions on ‘how’ they achieve these temperatures.

Side note, I do live with other family members so AC control of the whole house isn’t really something I have. I thought of getting a window AC just for my room but that’d be taxing on bills so that’s not really ideal.


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With panthers, daytime humidity should be 50-65%, with nighttime levels going up to 100% if it is at or colder than 65*F and there is enough airflow. Nighttime temps need to be at least 68*F, but 65*F or lower is better


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Night time humidity isn't an issue 100% is in fact good its the drying out of the cage during misting through the day that's important
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