Completely covering my enclosure in shower curtains


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I cover three sides of my enclosures with plastic. I saw but didn't have time to respond that you were considering covering the front. That seems like a lot to me. I get my humidity up by fogging the area that they sleep. I can't get the entire cage that high but in the falling fog from the humidifier it has to be at least 90% probably higher. My hygrometer at the base of the cage will read 80ish when the fogger is on. Figure out where the sleep spot is and direct the humidifier out put down from the cage top above it. I run my humidifier from 12-5. with a couple half hours off at 12:30 and 4. If you live somewhere dry you might go longer.


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Thanks for the info. My ultrasonic humidifier is a big tear drop shape and the mist comes from the pointy bit at the top. I’m just not sure how to aim it in the cage because it goes up. Also temps have to be 70 or below to use this right?


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Yes, but if you have even a few square inches of screen exposed below the door, it should be enough to generate chimney effect, making a fan unnecessary.

Muffin fans can be gotten temperature or humidity controlled—to turn on & off within certain programmable ranges. I got one from The Cooler Guys for my bearded dragon enclosure.
Good to know, and thank you for the link! I’ll have the service door completely uncovered. I only intend to cover the left, right and back sides with window shrink film (I figured it’d be easier/more cost effective than corrugated plastic sheets).


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I may try using the window shrink stuff to but will have to wait a month or more until that stuff becomes more available closer to fall.
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