Complete Chameleon Enclosure! $120 - VALUED at $290

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Hi all,

Since my Ambanja sold, and Im not looking to add more chams, Im gonna be selling his cage and enclosure

Package includes:

2x2x4 LLLreptile made screen cage - Excellent condition, one or two brown marks on the bottom tray, will definitely remove with some bleach.

Assorted drift wood - medium/large pieces. Ive spent nearly $100 bucks on the drift wood alone, its been stacked on top of each other to create chameleon pathways and such, but its tied together with heavy duty string, meaning you can simply cut the rope and rearrange the wood any way you like.

Exo-Terra bendy vines - large x2. - bend them any way you like to create the perfect basking spot, or make chameleon highways.

Assorted Foliage x X - self-describing, not exactly sure how many "pieces" there are, but you get all of it.

8.5 inch heat dome - why use those small domes that only heat up a corner of the cage? this large sized dome perfectly heats up the entire cage and creates a large basking zone, your chameleon can just relax under the broad light instead of having to cramp himself into a small circle just to get warm!

18 inch UVB dome - fits the linear uvb bulbs of the 15 inch size. This is a specially designed hood fixture from zoo-med, it aint one of those cheapy under lights that you can get at home depot for $5.

I went ahead and went to LLLreptile (the place where I bought all this stuff) and made a pricing list.

Cage - $100
Drift Wood - $100 (not from LLLreptile)
Exo-Terra vines - $30
Foliage - $25
Heat Dome- $5
UVB Hood- $30

Total: $290 + tax

This means you guys are getting $170 in savings, and this also means that my price is firm. Local pickup in So-Cal only, the cage is too large to ship, and I don't want to mess with the screws. Drift wood is also pretty heavy.

Contact Info:

Obviously you can reach me via PM's, but these get responded to the slowest

You can also email me at [email protected]

or call at 818-823-1280 - only call if you are seriously interested, not to barter and not to trade.

Cash or Paypal Only please,
no checks, no nigerian inheritance money.

Im hoping to sell it this weekend, and im taking it all out to the drive way now for a full cleaning, so its ready to go when you are.


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