Commonly asked chameleon questions | Q&A [VIDEO]


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Answering some of your top chameleon questions! Be sure to subscribe so you can submit your questions for the next one:

Topics include: 0:24 Getting another chameleon 0:51 Eating plants and dirt 1:32 Breeding roaches 2:07 Making crickets healthy 2:35 My misting schedule 3:28 Increasing heat bulb wattage 4:19 Arcadia supplements 4:35 Homemade vines 4:55 Raising baby chameleons 5:42 Decreased appetite 6:52 Crooked casques 7:28 Money trees 7:41 Signs of bowel impaction 7:59 Hygrometers 8:48 Impaction 9:29 Suggestions for gaping 10:15 Rescuing chameleons 11:46 Ambient light and sound 12:52 Guessing the age of a chameleon 13:40 Female not laying 14:01 Handling chameleons 14:45 Tips for cup feeding

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