Colors on a Chameleon

I can't lead you to any sites that catologue what the different colors mean....but many chameleons change color to show that they are gravid/non-receptive, receptive, angry, ready to mate...and they show darker colors when they are cold and want to warm up, etc. Its basically a form of communication. With some the color changes are more dramatic than with others.

Babies have different colors and patterns than the adults do in some cases...and males and females can have different colors and patterns and other differences too.

For one example...this site shows differences in carpet chameleons...

Do you happen to know what colors a pregneant female Chameleo trioceros fuelleborni or commonly known as a Flapjack has. I recently got her and have just today discovered what kind she was and the fact that she was probably wild caught. Thanks appreciate the feedback
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