Colored Silkworms?


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is it ok to feed colored silkworms to my chameleon or bearded dragons? theres a website that sells silworm chow that will turn a silkworm a differnt color, i thought it was kind of cool so i wanted to make sure its ok for the reptiles first. they have like pink and purple colors
That is probably the site he was talking about. I've never seen it on another one.
from the website,

"These silkworms are not recommended as insect feeders and color intensity does vary depending on amount and frequency of feedings. "

There it is there.

notice how it said "chow to make your silkworm PETS extradionare" So it said pets, not feeders.i wouldn't use it. :|
ya thats the site lol and no the egss are green and pink silk worms, but they look like normal silkworms they just spin that color silk. and ya i read all that was on the site and how they said use at your own risk but i was just asking to see if anyone has proved this to acually be harmful. i dont see why it would because they use fruit juices to die them colors isnt it?
As far as I am aware, it most certainly not fruit juice. It is an actual formula that was created in china. The food has to be imported into America.

If you think the juices do it, try buying normal ones and add juice to their normal chow. See what happens.
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