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my cham is a male veiled about 6 months old
it seems like he stays a darker brown color during the day but still displays little green on his belly
the temps are 84 f
and the basking spot is is about 103 f
im not sure, but i think you are asking if youir chamscolor will improve or change. iread that veiled chams tend to brighten with a bright backround, and your chams color may not have developed fully.
dont worry some are just late bloomers. Also that basking temp seems high. You may want to dail that back a few degrees so he does not get burned.
i read that the basking spot should be like 95 to 105 so ya
but it isnt a big deal for me to decrease the temp i was just telling you what i ve heard
i ve had him for about 4 months now and he hasnt been burnt
I would say 90-110 is safe temperature if the male is descent sized. I would think position of the basking branch will really dictate whether you should worry about a burn. The branch should not be directly under the light. I measured the temperature a couple of inches up on the designated branch. I then measured a couple of inches away from the branch. Mine always likes to lean under the bulb. The branch measurement in mine stays around 100F. The lean measurement was close to 105F. He really only leans for about two minutes max. It seems like he does like to sit around on his branch for quite awhile sometimes. You can stay on the lower side if you are uncomfortable with that high a temperature.
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