Color changing, gender and price.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kameleone, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. Kameleone

    Kameleone New Member

    hello guys.

    i always loved lizards but never had one beacuse i never had time for it.
    But now i do have time so i desided to buy a Pantherchameleon.
    I searched on the internet about some things i didnt know about
    them but i couldnt find a few things:
    1. can (Panther) chameleons always change color?
    2. is a male more aggresive then a female?
    3. what is a good price for a PantherChameleon?
  2. suzi

    suzi Avid Member

    1. Yes
    2. No, it is an individual thang :p ( my male is more friendly )
    3. It depends on the age, they are less expensive when purchased young. It can range from $100 to $500 ish
  3. seanUTD

    seanUTD New Member

    Yes but they do NOT change due to environment its by mood, temperature etc... Kinda like a really REALLY vibrant mood ring :p

    No, and there can be varying degrees of aggressive behavior between the species as well...

    Prices can go really high depending on age, species, and wether or not its a "pick of the clutch" with the purest line of coloration from the sire (dad) of the clutch
  4. jri93

    jri93 New Member

    the guy at the store told me that only the male panthers will get really crazy colors and the females are not as colorful. Not sure if thats true, never owned a panther.
  5. mbondy

    mbondy New Member

    Well in part this is true, like in most animal species the males exhibit more colors and/or strength so they get to mate and have their genes go into the future. I've seen some panther females get some color but not like a male, it's very different. Depends on the eyes of the beholder.

    @ Kameleone = If you do decide for a female you have to be prepared to put a laying bin in her enclosure for her to lay eggs. Most chameleons lay eggs regardless if a male is present or not. If they do not lay their eggs in time they could become eggbound and die.

    Also, I'd recommend not buying a cham from a pet store. You're much better off either buying off the forum or buying from one of the site sponsors. You'll get everlasting support from people who actually know what they're doing. Chams are amazing creatures :)
  6. pssh

    pssh New Member

    Oh man, there was this thread about this mitsio female that was just as colorful as, if not more than, a boy!

    For the most part, females remain a peachy-pink color. Sometimes they are purple. Some have no other colors, some have little flecks of color here and there, and some are incredibly colorful!
  7. Vegas Chad

    Vegas Chad Avid Member

    Meh... The males look OKAAAAY, I guess.


    1: Yes they can quickly change color, any healthy panther should do this.
    2: Depends on the chameleon, both can be nice or grumpy.
    3: You will be looking at $150 + for a nice female panther $200 + for a male. Ish...
  8. Justin Ward

    Justin Ward Established Member

    chad, i dont think this thread was started for you to show off your studs haha...youre making everyone elses chams look like scrubs
  9. Basilisk09

    Basilisk09 New Member

    1.Chameleons can change colors, but only to colors that they are born with. Basically, they have a single, vibrant pattern that is their best show. This is shown when aggravated or possibly mating opportunity (males). Depending on temperature and mood, they can alter to become darker or more dull, but they won't go from brown to green to red to purple on a whim. Look up different morphs to determine which kind you may like, from Nosey Be, Ambanja, Ambilobe, Sambava etc.

    2. As everyone else said, it is really up to the chams. Males and females can be very aggressive, or really docile. You can work with them, but handling them too much will shorten their lifespan. If you can, try to find a young local one that is healthy and has proven to be docile.

    3. I've seen $150 for healthy females and $200 for healthy males. Both can reach $300-$500 depending on their morph. I find that buying from a local breeder is cheapest and the best way to really meet and learn about your specific cham. Remember, the set up is pretty expensive in itself, including a relatively large vivarium, live or fake plants, misting/humidifying system, lighting, food, etc. But don't let that scare you, they are well worth the expense :)
  10. azgnoinc

    azgnoinc New Member

    1. Before buying any cham, make sure that you have done your homework, realize the costs involved, the time involved, and the responsibility you have to the animal. Get the cage and your set up lined up first and foremost - because no matter male or female, cheaper or more expensive - the animal will do far better if you are fully prepared prior to it's arrival.
    2. Males & females will all have their own personalities, males tending to be far more colorful - as Chad so nicely points out, and females tend to be more work - so if this is your first cham I would say stick with a male.
    3. - A good price is depending on how much you can spend and still give that animal a healthy quality life. Chams are not cheap to buy, and to maintain them far exceeds the initial cost of the animal itself, as my 3 panthers (1.2) average around $100 a month to maintain - (crickets & silkworms) plus electricity & water - I keep my own colony of mealworms, pill bugs, and roaches - all of which had initial costs & maintenance costs .
  11. Kameleone

    Kameleone New Member

    Thnx all for the tips and stuff =)

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