Coconut Fiber?

Discussion in 'Enclosures And Supplies' started by lslcronk, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. lslcronk

    lslcronk New Member

    At the risk of being redundant, I know NOT to use substrate. But I was checking out the ChamEo rescue site and they have coconut fiber sheets (I am guessing kind of like what they have for hermit crabs?!) on the walls of their set ups. Is this ok for humidity sake? It looked kinda cool, but I dont want to do anything to hurt my baby! :) Thanks guys!
  2. pinocchiosmommy

    pinocchiosmommy New Member

    I'm not sure about it being safe. I have been seeing them used in other cham enclosures the last few days. I would like to know myself. They look like they would be great for my little guys to climb on.
  3. DevIouS

    DevIouS New Member

    I have it on 2 sides of my cage.
    I wouldn't say it helped much with humidity but my misters are not aimed towards it.
    It did keep it warmer during the winter months though.

    & It looks nice:)
  4. DevIouS

    DevIouS New Member

    I have them mounted on the outside of the cage:

  5. ferretinmyshoes

    ferretinmyshoes Veterinarian
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    The sheets of coco fiber are usually not a problem for ingestion because they are compacted down and don't break apart very easily. A lot of people have used them for siding in the cage because air plants grow on them well and chams can climb on them. I think they're fine to use if they are allowed to dry out completely on a daily basis. Staying too moist constantly will cause them to deteriorate and mold however.
  6. lslcronk

    lslcronk New Member

    No issues with them eating it or getting thier tongue stuck on it? I live in Minnesota so any help with heat would be welcomed as well! We will be ok the next 5 months but the rest of the year, no promises! :)
  7. lslcronk

    lslcronk New Member

    Thanks! Those are the things I was worried about! You guys are so fast with answers! I love it!

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