Coccidia / wood sealer/ vets recommended plan

Obtained 2 chams that had lived outside . Vet diagnosis is coccidia. Remove all living and porous accessories. Bare minimal needed to feel secure and have gradient. If it gets poop in it toss it. Cleaning it only spreads the bacteria around more so minimal decor , lots of sanatizing. So my questions and suggestions as I’ve spent the last hour reading all the afore mentioned suggestions....

Q: has anyone made wooden dowel jungle gyms or used dowels and continuously dispose of them if they get soiled through this process ?

Suggestion : make the gym or use thumb tacks on them Pre measured and cut dowels that have been spray sealed with wood sealer to make it less porous?
And using a $20 Walmart garment steamer to spot clean ...

suggestion : care sheets with specific stuff like parasites and sanitize quarantine cage and list of things needed and where to buy like Amazon master lists for stuff like peroxide , mg syringe , scales, safer fake plants glue gun zip ties and dowels etc.
There have been a few members who have had to deal with coccidia. Do a title search and I’m sure you’ll find lots of helpful info. Here’s a couple that may help.
I read everyone’s till I went to sleep. Everyone has basically the same scenario, so for those Of you that have special licenses permits etc to truly study etc these animals and how they react etc to changes in their that ima wake ....
With a snake you can have them in a natural enclosure and ball pythons or other ground dwelling snakes do fine and even better in a tub system . However with any snake you can tub them on paper towel while in quarantine. Chams move , they climb they need light. But how do we give them the ability to climb hide and have light and be in the most sterile environment without causing excess stress.
is it okay to put 3 “perches” with a fake plant at each minimal for hiding while I quarantine? I know this seems like a stupid question. People do both fake and live regardless of quarantine. I want to know specifically which fake plants to use that have less risk of hidden areas where the leaves are attached , is someone making 3d printed silicone leaf curtains that are all one piece that would be fab. Should I use silk or hard plastic ?

above all else the main question *wood sealer *. To spray or not to spray the dowels ? My chams just had their 1st for some and second for the one that went to the vet. I’m taking zero chances. As she had a higher count than they like to see. I need to bother MR. B again because I’m not satisfied with what the vet said about her. She’s got strength, she ate till yesterday (i got her Sunday I think ) she’s not thin. But I know I need to get all my husbandry filled out and all that good stuff before I ask anything else. But I figured the cage accessories had nothing to do with them yet and I wanted to know about using a spray style permanent wood sealer for the wood dowel gym,perches. . I have a lot to do today and I plan on posting a big hi y’all thanks for having me back and this is what I’ve got going on yadda yadda. I thought I was going to be done reaching to an extent. I knew they would have issues living outside without a brag on husbandry no photos of the place just them and their cages they were delivered with. I am mortified at what was in there (nothing really just a brown extension cord cut up and used as a vine). Which technically is a fake vine. However a vine you buy has no exposed ends where the rust comes out when it gets wet. So when I put them on a towel on my counter and I couldn’t figure out where the rust was coming from ( I already have 24x24x48s coming this week) I took everything apart. A vine a stick and an electrical cord is all she had in a 16x16x30. She looked like she needed help and I couldn’t let her get back on the truck. She wasn’t the intended purchase. If your going to keep them outside do it right.
Now I’ve been to Lowe’s and Home Depot. All the sealants would allow the wood to discolor naturally so it protects the wood but doesn’t actually seal it from being porous, I’m doing polyurethane. I do have flex seal clear that as seen on tv stuff so I’m going to try it. I’m going to tack dowels to the screen vs making a gym and I’m going to stagger 3 small fake plants for hiding and security and drinking. Which I’ll be sanatizing ever morning with a garment steamer.
I have used plastic covered plant stakes in isolation/parasite treatment cages. They are non porous and are easy to clean. I would not use them long term as they are all the same diameter and I'm sure that is not your plan.

I went after those as you can sometimes find them in different circumstances. No luck in either store. So I got oak dowels better weight barring so if the poop on the perch and can swap it out vs clean it.
So flex seal for the win , not sticky seals it allow the water to bead up on it. And gives it better texture. Hot glue gun works better at mounting branches to the screen as I found out screen rips easily it’s easier to dislodge the glue. And I scored on plastic hard plants as garlands for quarantine cages. And I’m so impressed. Is it truly not recommended for “Panther “ to use fake plants? Is it a humidity issue? I’m all for “natural “ I do t mind replacing plants etc. my biggest concern is cleanliness. After the switch all 3 have brightened up , less aggressive too.
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