Coccidia Cleaning: Need Advice, tips please!


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Well today was day one of Panazuril treatment. Fingers crossed that this knocks the coccidia out quickly.

Tomorrow I will be doing a big cleaning of everything. I appreciate any tips, advice, etc.. from those experienced in this...

I bought a gallon of 40 volume peroxide, but they only had it in "gel" so hopefully this doesn't pose any issues. (if you've used it before let me know!!)

I plan to take the pannels of the screen cage apart so I can lay them flat in a big tub and scrub/soak everything well. I'll let it sit in the peroxide for about an hour for good measure after scrubbing (unless anyone has advice on how long to soak for). I'll also be throwing in all the branches (which include untreated dowel rods--safe to reuse?), rocks used to cover plant's soil, and everything else from inside the cage.
***Use full strength peroxide right?
After soaking, I think I'm going to use my pressure washer to spray everything off really well...

I'm going to consider the big schefflera i have in his cage a goner. It was in a large pot and it seems like cleaning it thoroughly enough would be very hard. I also have three smaller plants that I like that were used in his cage from time-to-time, so I guess they are no longer useable in a cage.. Furnishings will be a minimum until I get a clean fecal back... Should I wait on new plants until the clean fecal comes back?

The big thing is to get anything were feces have touched right? This is the only means I'm aware of for Coccidia to spread.

I was also thinking newspaper on the cage bottom until things clear up, but it will get soaked with mistking and I don't want to decrease mistings while he's on medication...


Should I wait until a few more days of treatment until I do the big cleaning -- In other words, is a big cleaning at this stage, where parasites are still very present, not very productive?

Well these are some of my thoughts and concerns. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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If by 40 volume you mean 40%, I would dull that down to about 10%. You could seriously burn yourself with that.

Be sure to always wear gloves when using this. Goggles would probably be beneficial as well. Be safe!


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If by 40 volume you mean 40%, I would dull that down to about 10%. You could seriously burn yourself with that.

Be sure to always wear gloves when using this. Goggles would probably be beneficial as well. Be safe!

40 volume is beauty supply talk for 12% I would go find a different place with the liquid. The creme stuff is pretty much useless unless you are doing your hair :) you only have to spray down the cage and the other things really well then wait ten minutes and rinse really well. I would keep the cage bare with a few fake plants for the duration of treatment and clean it ever other day, just to be safe. You don't want him to re-infect himself, and ALWAYS cup feed or the bugs might re-infect himx


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Yes-get the liquid-not the gel. I put the liquid full strength in a spray bottle, spray down the cage-let it sit in the sun for 15 minutes, then rinse like crazy. You don't want to use peroxide on porous vines or other cage furniture. Boiling is better for that stuff.

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Howdy Matt,

The 40 volume (12%) H2O2 gel version will probably have the same "killing effect" as the non-gel version but it sounds a bit more messy to use. The liquid version can be (carefully) sprayed onto surfaces and seep into cracks and crevices more effectively.

Unless you feel compelled to do it, you probably don't need to disassemble the screen sides, but it wouldn't hurt either.

The high pressure washer should mechanically remove coccidia while the peroxide will destroy whatever coccidia it comes in contact with that was missed by the pressure washer.

I'd toss cheap, porous material like dowels but you could also hit them with peroxide and blast them if you'd rather try to save them.

I did reuse my plants after washing them with soapy water, rinse well, and re-pot them in new soil.

It's been 1-2 years with no return of the coccidia that he caught "on a date" :eek:.

To wait or not to wait, that is the question :eek:. Tough call... I did an initial heavy cleaning and then another follow-up medium effort cleaning a few weeks later. Any poop that popped-out during treatment was spot cleaned and peroxide was used on the area.

JUST BE CAREFUL with the peroxide. It does chemically burn skin and other living tissue. There are no toxic gases released (just O2) but residue can still do damage until it is diluted by rinsing.

P.S. I also found that the liquid version of the 40 volume wasn't easy to find in gallon containers but was available in quarts for less than $2 each at the (true) beauty supply warehouses. The place I found it at was truly an ugly (not a beauty :rolleyes:) warehouse environment.
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