Clyde looking handsome (5 month old veiled)


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My 5 month old veiled has shedded 4 times in the last 4 weeks, and since thelast he has got some beautiful colors showing so I thought id share with everyone ; )


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You sure about that 5 month old age? He most defiantly looks older. Beautiful beautiful though.
Nice looking guy you have there. Are you sure he is 5mo old? By his size he seems older then that. He is a healthy boy thats for sure only being 5mo.

Ya he is His hatch date was was 4th of july he was the only one to hatch that day tye rest waited til the 5h so he was partyin by himself all night lol.....I have his sister 2 and she is almostn half of him!, he also eats a lot more he eats a couple horn worms a little while after I turn his lights on for the day, then a couple med. Dubias, and then later in the day a couple wax worms, and with all my chams I make sure they always have a few cricks in there cage so they have access to them at all times, and for a treat here and there a couple wax worms or a super worm for my panther that loves them, I did have a good friend tell me she thought that was to much but mine are all very very healthy and he is in a xl repti breeze and he loves to roam all over it, so if they were unhealthy I would definatly cut them back. I'm curious to know what and how often you guys give your chams???
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