Cleaning Cages


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Well I was doing Darwin's reg. spot cleaning today and I noticed there is a lot of calcium from the water left on the frame of the cage. How do I get it off? I'm honestly a clean/neat freak and I have to have everything almost perfect. :eek: So anyone have any tips?
Depends what the cage is made of, should just wipe off aluminium or plastic, if its wood (laquered/varnished) the same, raw wood and your likely stuck with it mate, unless you sand it off. *shrugs* :)
haha javsto! and thanks! I was thinking that could work but I don't know if we have any. I will check it out tomorrow when I get home.
Thats great news I was wondering the same thing, I am going to go the vinegar route. I just cleaned cages this morning, I really like the paper towel idea placed on the bottom of the cage floor of course, but that can be a pain in the rear because my potted plants (the big ones are hard to move but I got it done to say the least!) :)
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