Cleaning Cage and Stress

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I have found if I do my cleaning/maintenance after my cham goes to sleep I dont stress him out. He usually never wakes up and I can get his cage clean. Just a little trick I have found that others may use.

i turn the lights out for my cham at 10...hes usually knocked out by 10:30 lol...its a lil late for me to clean out his cage but hey if it works continue to do it. just becareful not to tip him over or make him fall when ur moving items in his cage
I have veileds which can be rather aggresive. I like them to see what I am doing. I do it about the same time every other day. I feel like when building a relationship with these guys you have to show them that you are not intimadated by their melodramatics and you are not an hostile intruder. My usually get their distance and just whatch. As long as I don't touch them everything is peaceful.
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My Sambava just tries to run out so he can climb the cord and go sit on top of the females cage...I guess he really likes her...hehe
i notice when i'm about to remove my veil from his cage...if i go in slowly to try to get him,he will hiss and try to bite me. but once i touch any part of him. he gets back to normal. i guess he just gets scared and double checks that its just me lol
I hand feed my veiled every now and then. He doesnt really mind me getting in the cage. I usually Turn on my room light when I go to bed. He is there sleeping. This is when I go in and clean feces, remove dead leaves, etc. It was just a tip that might help someone out. He usually sleeps right through it. I do have personal time with him though during the day. Right now I can take him out, he has never hissed or gaped at me let alone tried to bite.

hissing, biting?!?

is that really a common chameleon trait? my big guy, lymorg, is a jackson's and the worst he does is give me a dirty look... he's a bit under the weather now but when he is mr. perky pants he comes out to watch tv with me in the evenings. i take it this is not normal?if i make the path accessible, he sometimes crawls from his tree (his recreation tree, out of the cage, also his shower tree! ...also great for him to hang out on while his cage is being cleaned!) and will lay on me on the couch. i suppose its warmer and "law and order" is on for hours so there isnt much more action on the couch than there is in his cage! since he isnt feeling well though he hasnt left his tree but he needs the rest! :)
Well jacksons are pretty mellow...but i hope you aren't putting him on your chest to watch TV...if he comes there on his own thats one thing...but if you are placing him there he may feel stress which is bad for their health
tv buddies

i only try to move him when he is somewhere dangerous! he's not much to cuddle up on my chest, its usually closer to the ankles! he's a rather odd little guy though! even our vet says he has a real "in your face" attitude! :) he calls the shots here, after he takes a shower in the afternoon, he stays in his shower tree (with another light over that one) and is free to do as he pleases while i am in the room until bedtime! i feel thatgives him the freedom to do as he pleases and lets me see him more too! he's a captive bred and this has been our routine since he was very young, do you think that stresses him too much? he's quite the curious sort! :)

like i said, he wears the pants here, he wants to stay in the tree, he does! :) however, one good thing about him being so comfortable around me is he currently has an eye infection and i couldnt imagine trying to give a 'biter' eyedrops! this guy hates it and gets a bit splotchy but thats all! what a great guy! :)
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