CJ doing an inspection

Discussion in 'General Photography' started by Action Jackson, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. Action Jackson

    Action Jackson Chameleon Enthusiast

    My Panther CJ has been watching me put together our outdoor cage. He decided to make sure it was sturdy enough.
    He found a spot he liked and just chilled for a while.
  2. tdotcham

    tdotcham New Member

    jealous. wish i could do this - damn winter!
  3. yankfanthom

    yankfanthom Established Member

    If my move to FLA happens this year, This is one of the first things I'm doing. Please post more pics as you finish!!!
  4. ataraxia

    ataraxia Avid Member

    now that is a enclosure! what are your dimensions?
  5. Action Jackson

    Action Jackson Chameleon Enthusiast

    12'x7'x7' Made some good progress today. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get the cross braces done and start putting some screen on.

  6. carol5208

    carol5208 Chameleon Enthusiast

    wow that is incredible! I am sure your cham will love it. Looks like he is already actually! I sure would be scared though with him up that high and out in the open that some type of bird like a hawk might swoop down and snatch him up! I have had two encounters with my chameleon and a hawk, so I am quite paranoid.
  7. GASP! You would move from PA to Florida! ;) Sarcasm of course, I'm just jealous!
  8. Craig the GOC (Giant Outdoor Cage) is looking great!

    GOC are much under used in the modern day chameleon crowd. I have got one left from the ranch that I'm planning on restoring. It is 4x4x8 feet and is not a year round cage it is a cage only for days with good weather.

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