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Hey, all,
Many thanks to Sandrachameleon for capturing the video in Canada. I've downsized the file from 250MB to 66MB and uploaded it to one of my heftier servers to handle streaming traffic. It's quite a good segment, and interesting to see what Chris does in his studies!...makes me want to pick your brain, Chris! :)

Anyways, enjoy! You can access the file by going here:

Let me know if anyone has viewing issues.

The video is 7 minutes long. If you're not seeing a full 7 min, your buffer is having issues loading the video. If this is the case, do the following:

Right click the link above. Press "Save Link as..." or "Save target as..." and play it from your computer.
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Chad, no, the video continues. If yours is stopping then there is a load/buffer issue and your video didn't finish loading or the play caught up to the load.

Chris Anderson

Dr. House of Chameleons
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Thank you very much for posting the link. This was the first time I've seen the segment myself and I'm very pleased with the results. They did a good job getting the science behind the experiment right and it seemed like they put the story together well.

Thanks again!


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Glad you were able to view it, Chris. I too was interested and happy to see it. It's very well put together!

Also, for anyone having streaming issues, please remember that the video buffers and tries to play based on the speed of your internet connection. Load times may vary. If you'd like a freeze-free play should you be encountering problems, do the following:

Go to my original post, and right click the link above. Press "Save Link as..." or "Save target as..." and play it from your computer.
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Cool, just seen the video and interested to know how cham. hunting abilities change under different temp. condition. Perhaps Chris can consider putting this video on next Chameleon Online E-zine.

Oh, I'm so looking forward to see the new issue of E-zine


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Awesome job! I loved watching it, I thought it was funny when the panther didnt want to cooperate:D


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Chris, that is sooooooo cool. Good research. I had to save it to my desktop and then open it to see it, but it then worked perfectly. Awesome!


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Great job Chris...

Very interesting line of work, I'm jealous. I only get to work with chameleons at home. If I bring one into the office with me, which i did once to ship it out, people panic and freak out:eek:. It becomes pretty chaotic. So do you use your own chams as test specimens? Have you noticed a difference between calypratus and pardalis during that experiment?
How cool was that! Nice work Chris! It wasn't just cool to see you at work, it was also super interesting and informative.

Very Cool!


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Nice lab! LOL I love the part where you can hear the question addressed to the chameleon. Great link and great show!
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