Chillin under the UVB light?


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Just curious if this can propose a problem? I have a repi-sun 5.0 and sometimes my Carpet likes to get on the screen and hang up-side down right under the UVB light. He never hangs under the Basking light. Thanks guys.
Supposedly they are very good at knowing when they need D-3 and knowing how to get it. Basking under the UVB bulb is a good way to get it.
ya those bulbs are the same (heat wise) as a heat emitting basking will be fine if that is set closeley..but as to not chance it..put a few spacers under it and you will be "for sure" about it..
Move your basking light so that it covers closely, the same area where your lizard hangs under the uv. Lizards that bask seek bright light source since in nature the bright light source is generally where the heat is. Its important that your lizard basks.
It may be trying to warm up from the uv tube.
Definately raise the heat up from the cage top to avoid burns. :)
"covers closely"? Can you explain that a little bit? Thanks. Sorry if I'm not understanding it exactly lol
I've heard the same if he is basking under the UVB bulb all the time, everyday you might want to give him a d3 supplement every other week. If he is just basking for a couple of hours he is just getting his d3 for the day, no biggie no need to worry.
my cham seems to know when her uv tube is going out as she will move closer to it, sometimes even touching on it she gets so close
He doesnt hang out under the UVB light for longer than an hour or so. He basks normally. Does anyone think my basking temp is too high?

Its about 85. It use to be 80 but I moved a few things around and changed the bulb so could it be possible that the temp is too hot for him and he goes to the UVB to get a much lower heat?

He is 4-5 months old Carpet Chameleon.
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