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Just wanted to say hi.
My family is expecting it's first cham on tues. He is one of Newton's from FLchams.
So glad I found this site. Lots of good info here. Very excited about watching him grow. Going to pick up a few plants and some bulbs tomorrow. So, we should be ready when he gets here. Hope he has a good trip.
You will not be disappointed with that cham-I can tell you that! Make sure you get a 5.o linear flourescent UVB tube and a digital thermometer. You can use a regular 60-75 watt bulb for basking.
Got the thermometer covered.
Picking up the bulbs and a basking light fixture and a few plants tomorrow.
Trying to fill the cage with lots of climbing possibilites.
Only big thing I haven't gotten yet is a misting system. I bought a fogger. But, I think that will be getting returned.
Got our boy (Sam) this morning. Our boys named him (Sam I am).
He was shedding when I opened the package. He ate a cricket @ 20 mins. after we got him settled in. He is in the small terrarium right now. Just until he gets used to us and gets a little bigger. He seems wonderful. Seems like he follows our sons around the room. Doesn't seem to be affraid of them at all. Here is a pic. Enjoy
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