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i was just curious if this could possible work, say i go out and get a cheap water pump and place it inside a container with water. i connect a some tubing that at the end has a mister head. and set it to a timer so it mists every few hours, and only costing like 20bucks. does anyone think this will work? ive been looking at misters and they are kind of expensive, for me anyways, lol. any comments would be nice, i think i may try it with a water pump from my turtles water fall and see how it does. this kind of sounds stupid how ive worded this i know but its like 12 and i have no idea why i am thinking about this at this time of the night or morning i should say, any ideas would be nice, thanks!
I've been tying this for the past month with no success. The pumps that I've been using are for ponds and fountains. I also used a boat pump that is used to pump out water in a boat. So far they have not been powerful enough. The strongest one I tried pumped out 1250 gallons per hour. There was not enough presure to run the misting nozzles. Next I'm gonna try to buy one of those industrial fluid pumps.
Sure, once I can find a cheaper pump. They usually run for $40-$80. Sometimes you can find them for $20 or less. But it is rare.
thats nice, have you tried a smaller pump, what if i was to put the water up high, then it wouldnt need as much power to push it up, gravity will help as it goes down. what do you think. i think im going to use your idea, i like it, lol:D
You need a high pressure pump in order to move water through the spray nozzles. Aquarium pumps are high volume with low pressure and will not work.
My system does do the job for now but you're right it isn't strong enough.
I was planning on re-doing the whole thing this summer anyway while a build a decent cham cage for Lenny.
if you only need to mist one cage buy a pressure sprayer and put it on a shelf next to the top/middle of the cage and lock the spray button.the one i got holds a half gallon of water.the only thing is you gotta set it up every day.
if you want the auto mist system then you need like at least 45 psi for the mist nozzles. the cheapest i seen are the shurflo and promist pump.
Cheap Mister Idea

Just thought of a new idea since im in the same boat. Im going to try to buy one of those cheap battery powered super soakers (squirt gun) and take the internals out of it and use a transformer from radio shack to run it on a timer. Harbor freight has digital timers for under $10 that i beleive can be controlled to the minute. Im gonna try it in the next few days.
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