Cheap but Quality

a23cham said:
I'm curious what some of you do to save money on cages lights etc. but still get good quality equipment
The only thing i've been able to save money on is the light fixures for the basking bulb...i get those from home depot for 6 bucks.
I'm also going to give it another shot of breeding my own crickets.
-Wild feeders. I use sow bugs for small chameleons and pygmys.

-Buying silkworm eggs in bulk amounts and hatching them out when you need them at your own rate.

-Growing your own plants for cages.

-Making your own gutloads instead of buying them.

-Building cheap cages or converting household items into them.

-Make every cricket (feeder) count.
You can save a lot of money by purchasing uv lights online and in bulk.

Zoomed 5.0 24" $34.99 @ petco

I often see these for sale online at around $15.
EBAY. I just recieved 12 18" UVB bulbs, 5.0 for 12.99 plus $6.00 shipping. A pet store was closing down and put their stock up for sale on ebay.

These are all very good ideas, good topic! I too bought my light fixture from Home Depot for like $8 lol
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