Chameleons on the News!


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So this morning I got to take my panther Oscar on the local morning news show, and he was super cooperative and not at all stressed by the adventure! I also took my baby box turtles in case Oscar got too stressed to perform, but he was fine so I took them both on the air!

The link to the video is in the right upper corner (look for the pic of the cham).

I hate going on tv but I do it to promote Vet School Open House, which I'm the Executive Director of so anyone in the Texas area who likes animals in need of something fun to do on Saturday, April 9 should definitely come visit the vet school for a behind the scenes look at vet medicine and animal fun like never before! It's mostly just a day of animal events of all kinds and we have people from all over the state visit. (Shameless promotion over ;) )

Also this is my 1000th post so I thought I'd just do some fun pics of a few of my crew.
The star himself enjoying his new outdoor cage:

And posing:

Little Tiberius exploding out of his skin!

We had temps in the high 80s here so my other reptiles were active too. Franklynn the (female) iguana riding my "little" sulcatta around the yard. Neither one seemed to really notice the other...

And my little gopher tortoise Pancakes very much enjoying his salad:

I like getting to show off my kids! Thanks for looking :)
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Love all your animals! Oscar was the perfect gentlemen!! lol! He seems real mellow just like mine. Consider ourselves lucky!!!


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Thanks everyone. :)

Very nice. Loved how squeamish the anchor was too.
You should have seen him last year! The lady who normally does that segment is terrified is reptiles (she didn't even come in this morning knowing we were coming), so to be interesting I brought my friend's dog, the biggest great Pyrenees I've ever seen. Well it turns out that the same guy who was afraid of my tiny turtle is actually terrified of dogs (what is wrong with these people?). And here I brought this 180 pound beast who stared at him the whole time! He was plastered to the back of his chair the whole time. Hilarious! :D


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That was just too much fun. Watching the anchor hold the turtle like it was a cobra was a hoot. You were very professional and represented the animal community nicely. I would love to come but that is too far to drive and it is my birthday so I need to be here with hubby.:D


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Great work!!! Cham sales in your area a going to shoot through the roof for the next year or so. Its good you can educate. The anchor man was kind of a turd... He looks like he needs a big handful of silks thrown at him.


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Oscar is famous!

Oh and a big thank you! You given me a great idea for a date for my girlfriend. She is thinking about applying for Vet School and she would LOVE to be surprised by a Vet day!
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