Chameleons of Madagascar DVD

Thanks guys!!! For those of you who do not have it or haven't seen it i will let you know how it is... I'm sure it is gonna make my obsession even worse....!!!
I bookmarked it so I can watch it later, but yeah definitely different. Which is awesome, so I'm excited to watch it.
I'm glad its different because i spent almost 30.00 for the dvd and shipping. BUT even if it were the same I wouldn't really mind cause it is a great to know that I am supporting the forums....
For what it's worth, the Chameleons of Madagascar dvd is much, MUCH more thorough and was made by chameleon enthusiasts. While I do really enjoy the free one linked to here for its breathtaking sceenery and cinematography, it is very limited in the species it covers because the filmakers appear to have only been in one region of Madagascar. The footage used in the Chameleons of Madagascar dvd was recorded during several different trips over a few years' time and thus shows many more species and geographic regions. It's well worth it!
I Just watched it and my suspicions were was great, and very informative. You get to see so many species even the rare ones. I just love Parsonii, I hope someday I can be privileged to own one.
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