Chameleons Northwest- more Nosy Faly males avail soon- sneak preview pics

Greetings. Here are some pics of a few of the Nosy Faly males that will be available as soon as their fecals are clean. They've finished their first 10 day course of Reptaid and are cleaning up nicely. Some are already clean, and the others only have a trace of parasites remaining. We will be doing more fecal exams tomorrow. Below is a sneak preview of some of their photos. A very limited number of female Faly from this shipment will also be available soon. They will be offered first to those who purchase a male from this shipment.






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They awesome looking guys. I know you must be so thrilled getting to work with such a quality group. Every time i see pics of these guys I cant believe the quality and great condition they came in looking like. Not beat up or bruised nothing. Cant wait to see more pics of them....Keep me posted on their progress....:D
I am so pleased and grateful you guys are doing this!!! Thanks a ton for contributing to the community. Us purists find locales a beautiful thing, great looking animals, you guys rock!

Buy with confidence, Sandy and Elliot are GREAT to deal with!!! :D
Do you export chams :p
They looks so good, that first male is a real stunner, I managed to get faly banjas but hopefuly I can get pure nosy falys one day, since importing is a bit easier...
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