Chameleons in AZ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by soulja221, May 24, 2009.

  1. soulja221

    soulja221 New Member

    Hey guys, I'm looking to purchase either a panther or a veiled within the next month or so. I'm in Phoenix, AZ and would love to purchase from a local breeder or store due to the fact that it's starting to get really hot here and shipping one through the postal system seems unfair to the little bugger.

    Anyone know of a good place to purchase?
  2. I don't personally know of anyone in AZ... but Tiki Tiki Reptiles is in Vegas.

    Look up Vegas Chad or Vegas Darci in the members list.
  3. chams1

    chams1 Member

    I speak from experience when I say that you should probbaly go through a breeder instead of a store. A good breeder will give you the correct information and everything you should know and will more than likely be there for you if you have questions down the road.

    Yeah, I think Tiki Tiki is probably the closest to you. They will be at the Super Show in June and, if you can wait that long, the show in Tucson in September. Either way, if you can make it to either show, contact them ahead of time and it's possible that you can pick it up at the show.

    Forgive me, Chad, if I'm speaking out of line... ;)
  4. Bay687

    Bay687 New Member

    ya im from the phoenix area depends what area of phoenix your from because pets inc is a good place to pick up a veil .. for actual panthers i dont know anyone who carries them besides individual breeders.. pets inc is in tempe, reptile store in mesa, another one in mesa
  5. ncosper

    ncosper New Member

    Arizona is very tough for chams. I used to have a small breeding project years ago, but really had a hard time getting any stores interested in selling them or finding anyone with any real experience with them. I always ended up having them shipped which living in Flagstaff works out a lot better than in Phoenix. The shipments always go through phoenix at night and are up the hill normally wen the sun comes up so I can normally have them shipped during the summers, however shipping them to phoenix is tough unless they get there late at night and go straight to and air conditioned pick up facility.

    Therefore the best solution is to either wait until it cools down, drive to vegas per the other suggestions, or attend one of the late summer reptile shows.

    Good luck
  6. Syn

    Syn Avid Member

    I have a friend that lives in Sedona (it's much cooler there) who said he would take any shipments for me. He might do the same for you.

    edit: to ncosper, you obviously didn't try selling them at reptile shows. When I helped Tiki Tiki they sold quite a few chameleons. Could have been your lack of advertising or high price (if they are indeed high)
  7. ncosper

    ncosper New Member

    No definitely not at shows. I didn't have a large enough project to warrant a stand at a show. I was looking mainly for northern arizona means of sale, but ended up shipping most all of them.
  8. Sang

    Sang New Member

    there is one breeder in arizona, who focuses in on melleri, but he lives in tucson.

    i have his number, i don't think he works with panthers though, and he won't sell to you unless you show you have ample knowledge and possibly some prior experience.

    as for breeders, Tiki Tiki is your best bet, they will be here for the september show when its a bit cooler @ tucson.

    you could pick up a terrific panther from them, or you could look around.

    PLease stay outta the petsmarts you won't be getting the best animal and not for that price.

    Pets inc does have a fischeri but i am unaware of its type. but being montane you may find it very difficult to keep/maintain in arizona without the proper set up.

    i won't have any babies for at least another year.
  9. Syn

    Syn Avid Member

    I saw someone who was just selling like 3 chams and maybe like 5 other things. :p
  10. Who is this breeder working with Melleri?
  11. Sang

    Sang New Member

    all i know is his phone number and name, Steve.

    i have been meaning to call him to find some time to check out his facilities, according to a 2nd hand description, he breeds his melleries in a massive climate controlled green house.
  12. see if you can take some pics if you get a chance to see it all. Sounds cool.

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