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I hate it when people lie. When I was looking for a first pet about a month ago, I saw how cool chameleons were. I started to read up on them and many people were kind of freaking me out saying,"If you don't take proper care of it it'll die!" Which I guess is true for any pet though so why did that scare me? "The slightest change and your chameleon will die!" "Only buy one if you are ready to waste half your life and flush half your money down the toilet!" I didn't like these articles at all so much that I almost decided to go with a gecko. The more I read the more discouraged I was, but just as the fact I wanted a pet and I spent much time researching them I bought one. Let me say it is just awesome! He seems very happy in his new home and if anyone out there is getting discouraged but reads this, let me tell you, buy it. Although those people were right to a certain extent. It is very time-consuming and you have to want to be able to take care of it, but if you're willing it is worth it. ALTHOUGH DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE BUYING!![/I][/U][/B]The hardest part about them is their cage setup the hardest part is getting the cage ready before your little friend gets their.

The purpose of this article was just instead of scaring somebody just telling them it is worth it if you are responsible and you are willing to take care of it, Just get a chameleon if you have these requirements.

Now please respond and tell me if you agree,

Or are with the people trying to scare others from having something cool
Well, ya see, you did your research and from what you say your off to a good start. I would never suggest a chameleon has a pet unless i knew that person and knew they where responsible.
Well, Yeah

Well...... You are right and it does take much responsibility, but I wasn't trying to say go out and buy a chameleon, just that don't listen to the people who are trying to scare you away, plus people know if they are responsible, but I agree chameleons require responsibility, and if you can't handle that, don't get one.
I suspect some of the "scare" tactics are an effort to counteract the pet store clerks who make it sound like there's nothing easier in the world than keeping a chameleon. The truth is somewhere in between.
I somewhat-Agree!

I do agree, the pet store people, I asked after doing research and already knowing the answer to my question, "Don't chameleons get stressed easily and they don't like being held?" Her response was "Oh no, almost the opposite the one right here is 4 weeks old and he loves to be held I even let my kids hold it!" And I knew that was entirely against everything I love and believe about chameleons. So you are right it's not " O just feed 'em once a day!" easy but it's not "If you touch them, THEY DIE!" Hard, so the truth is somewhere in betweens everyones belief.
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