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Hello everyone!

I'm a new owner of a (I think) female vailed chameleon and Im having some problems with her right eye. I've searched through many sites, and noticed there are quite a few people that have the exact problem.

I bought her about 1.5months ago and the that same week I noticed that she was closing her right eye and "pulling it in". I watched her every day and it seemed she was getting better, but then a couple days ago I noticed that she has a bulge in her eye and she is rubbing it against branches to put it down. Immediatly I took her to the vet and they said its probably an eye infection or she got scratched from a cricket or branch. They gave me Neomycin drops and told me to put 2 drops in her eye a day. The problem is that she isn't opening that eye any more so I don't know if the liquid is going in.

Some extra info:
So far she seemes happy, moves all over her cage, she eats crikets and drinks water. She has grown a lot in the past month (she had her first shed yesterday). She has a heat lamp and UV light, lots of branches, different kinds of plants, and even a small waterfall. The crickets are dusted with calcium and the water has a few drops of the liquid that takes away the chlorine ( I mist 3 times a day to keep the humidity up for about 10mins or so). I clean the cage once a week throughoutly.

Am I doing anything wrong? and do you think the liquid is going in or will work?

Thank you! ;)


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The only thing I have to offer is that perhaps something is lodged in the eye. It sounds like you are misting her well but get her wet to. She will not like this. The water running over her will get in her eye regardless of whether it is closed or not. You will see them swish it around to get the water out. This could free anything that is in it. I would call the vet back to tell them your concerns with administering the medicine. I think probably some is getting in there but it is hard to tell how much. The only problem I have really ever had with my chameleons is the occassional debri. They usually work it out on there own.

Good picture.
There is an antibiotic ointment for the eye that the vet can give you will sit on the outside but it works it way into the eye.
I don't feel qualified to offer advice about the eye, but I will offer advice about something else....the waterfall. You should remove it. Even though you are using chlorine drops those waterfalls are breeding ground for bacteria that can cause tons of problems for your baby. So I would suggest removing the waterfall and make a call to the vet again about the eye problem.
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