Chameleon Vets In Germany


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Hello. I was hoping that maybe some of the German members could help me out in finding a good chameleon vet in the Kaiserslautern area. The vet on base doesn't see anything besides dogs and cats and their list of off base vets seems to just be dog and cat vets as well. I figured before I gave all of those on the list a call, and probably confused them with asking about getting a fecal test done for my chameleon, I'd check and see if anyone had a vet close by they'd recommend.

I caught Joker sleeping multiple times today. :( And there's been a few times in the past couple weeks were I've been unsure if he was sleeping during the day or not, just because of the way the light was in the room at the time or he was buried in his ficus branches so I couldn't see. He's about due for another fecal test anyway and this sleeping during the day nonsense has pushed me to get it done now. Thanks!
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