Chameleon VERY ill...advice needed


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There is a chameleon that lives at a tattoo parlor I visit frequently. He's very weak and has not eaten on his own in a very long time.

His cage is right by the door and there is very loud music playing all the time. They feed him crickets and some mealworms. He does have an adequate supply of water and two lights. They used to take him outside and let him get sunlight before he got sick. Since he's not my animal, I don't have any more information than this about his care and environment.

The ridge on his head (not sure what it's called) is very swollen and he seems to be too weak to stay in his branches for long. He spends most of his time at the bottom of his cage, lying with his head down or on his side. He has been in this state for at least two months.

I am frustrated because his owner refuses to take him to the vet to get care or have him put down humanely.

What is wrong with the chameleon and is there anything that can be done to make him better or ease his discomfort? :(

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There could be a whole bunch of things wrong with the chameleon, ranging from temperatures to lack of UVB. The most important thing is to get it some help. Have you called the humane society and reported the condition of the animal yet?

see if you can find a local ARAV vet and/or herp society in your area.

Btw, I think the guy who is "taking care of him" (NOT!) should be shot.:mad:
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