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I have a veil chameleon he is 9 months and when I was given my chameleon he had an eye issue which was fixed and now he has it again! I work at a vet clinic and we’re looking to see what’s wrong with him 100% Due to a few things that happened at my current house I cannot keep him here and I wish I could ! I have everything he needs and more and I just want a good home for him if I knew I couldn’t keep him I wouldn’t have taken him in he was just sick and I wanted to help him a doctor I work with told me it’s a possible sinus infection he eats veggies and has constant gut loaded insects ! Mister and dripping system for him along with a packed cage + live plants! His right eye is the one with a bulge ): Please if anyone in the Bay Area or 925 area in California can take him and make sure he has a good home 100% let me know I would do anything for my baby ! His name is Mac and he’s a very sweet baby he’s just a little shy and nervous at times!


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