Chameleon tattooz

tat hed

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come on - all you chameleon people out there- some of you gotta have chameleon tattoos
heres a couple I did awhile ago...


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cool looking tattoos, im thinking that i may like to have a portrait of my camo done one of these days. gotta do one of the dog first


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I have been looking for a chameleon tattoo to get. I think I might get a panther in my foot. Cant decide between Ankaramy or Nosy Faly. I think I might take a couple picture over to my artist and see what he comes up with.


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this IS NOT mine ...but im redrawing it so the colors match my chameleon and this is what im getting :)


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Very nice everyone! I especially love Chucks and that last one :) I don't have any Cham tats but I do have parrot tats.


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My friend offered to give me this one! She just started at a tattoo shop a few days ago and had a sale for $30 tattoos. I politely refused since I am 16. They made me ask my mom, and she said no until i was 18. LOL It's pretty good though! c:
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