Chameleon Stress


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I read that chameleons dies from stress from being held real easy. My question is, is it stressfull to it if it walks into your hand?
you can handle you chameleon for short times each usually....they will turn dark if they are stressed so just use that as your gauge. Make sure they have enough leaves in cage to have a good hiding relieves stress.
Frequent handling may stress them, but if you keep it to a minimal they should be fine. Don't grab them, or force them off the branch- rather allow them to climb onto or gently coax them onto your hand and that should relieve some stress.
Ok thanks. I have another quick question is it normal for them to watch TV? When ever I watch TV in my room it goes to a certain branch and keeps one of his eyes on the TV. He can't see his reflection so do you think he just like to watch TV?
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