Chameleon size question?


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So I have a question about how large my cham should be. He is about 6 months and seems kinda small to me (maybe I am paranoid) he weighs about 72grams and is about 11 inches (from nose to tip of tail) can anyone give me an idea of what size he should be?? thanks


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thanks like I said maybe I am just paranoid. BTW I just watched your video with Camo what a trooper!!!!
At 8 months old my veiled Luie weighted 88 grams so I'd say he's perfect. Very handsome little guy too!
Don't worry too much about where you think he "should" be, chameleons all grow at their own pace but as long as he's healthy and not thin you know he's doing well. I had one panther stay at about 30g long into his 7-8 months of age and then suddenly I got him a bigger environment and he took off and is now catching up. So, don't lose too much sleep over it :)
Thanks guys!!! hearing your guys experiences makes me feel better I did so much research on these guys before I got them I have wanted chams since I was about 15 and I am coming on 30 and finally did it last year! I love them so much I just wanna make sure I am doing everything I can to make them happy and healthy
I just weighed my Nosy Be tonight and he was 32 grams. He is 19 weeks old. He might look a little fat in the photo but it's just the angle and position - he's very "normal" looking in regards to weight! I've had him 3 weeks and he's grown quite a bit in that time.....unfortunately I didn't weigh him when I first got him because my scale just arrived. Anyways, I would say your cham is just fine for his age!


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He's beautiful!!!

While it doesn't seem that chameleons are as variable in sizes as humans, the fact is, there will be smaller and larger than average animals. That's sort of how we get the average.

Look at it this way: If it were your son, would you be overly concerned that he was only 5 ft. 8 when he was 17 years old? Or would you recognize that he was probably not very tall and that was just fine?
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