chameleon size different

this year i bought 2 male veiled hameleon at the daytona reptile show both chameleons where the same age and same size when i got them i seperated them an put them in to different rooms 1 in a large bird cage and the other in a 38 gallon reptarium both had uv light and a heat light and both feed dusted crickets and meal worm both handled very littleand one is now twice the size of the other. how should i get the other one to grow better
Which one is bigger - bird cage or reptarium? What are their ages and sizes? Genetics, nutrition, and general health I assume would determine body size.
the one in the bird cage grew faster then the other. both of them were 10 inch, 4 month old males when i got them. and now one is 12 inches and the other is 16 inches. i would post a picture of them but they are to big. the bigger one came from lizzards of ozz in green cove springs fl, and the other came from cricketcritters, north carolina
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