Chameleon Satisfaction


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I've had/have guinea pigs to geckos, puppies and parrots. Panther chameleons have been a challenge and definitely more time consuming than any of my other pets. I have to admit that there's really a sense of satisfaction, watching my chams eat and grow.
Yesterday I had all four of them in their individual cages, shooting and munching down on their food. Pretty cool! I wonder if I am the only one here that feels that way?
I think most of the keepers on this board feel the same about their collections. It keeps us coming back for rarer species with more husbandry challenges. Then you will progress to where you want to tackle the ultimate challenge, breeding and raising your own neonates. ;)
I feel the same as well... I love watching my little guys every move. He is in our bedroom and lots of times i'll just lay in bed and watch him during the day. During the night before bed i'll sit there and watch my 10 other tanks that contain my nocturnal critters. :D Still waiting on getting my second Cham. :)
Ah Texas Panther man, I hope I don't catch the breeding bug....I used to breed and raise lovebirds, cockatiels and small parrots for years. I know first hand the challenges and costs. Finding good homes for the babies, wanting another life beyond their caretaking...I'm lucky I have a pet sitter who is a vet tech and specializes in reptiles to take care of my collection should I need to go away.
You may say "I told you so" some day though...")
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