chameleon safe with photosynthesis


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photosynthesis is a plant? i thought that way just how plants in general got energy from the sun??? do you have a pic


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can chameleon be placed in with photosynthesis plant cant find this plant on a safe plant list or bad list

All plants are photosynthetic, photosynthesis is the respiratory function of plants, using sunlight to change CO2 and nutrients from the soil into O2 and other organic compounds.

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This link is to a great safe plant list for chameleons.
FLChams Safe Plant List
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thats what i thought but here a plant that they call photos


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Its a bit like when you go foraging for fungi (mushrooms) only a hand full are deadly poisonous. Most plants you can buy commercially are perfectly safe ;) for chameleons lizards etc


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yes pothos are safe as long as you wash them if you got them from a store, which is most likely the case. soap and water works to wash of any (if any) pesticide, making it safe for your chameleon.
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