Chameleon rocking side to side


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I came home for lunch to day and saw that my chameleon was like rocking side to side while he was walking just wondering if this is normal for a 3 month old chameleon. Also wanted to know if i should follow the directions on the miner-all 1 cause it says to do it everyday.
If you are gutloading your feeder insects well, the vitamin supplement doesn't need to be used once a day. For a cham that age I would use it once (maybe twice) a week. For my older chams I use it once every other week. Remember that you can overdo the supplements just as much as you can underdo them!
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Kinyonga.. I suck! I am 0/2 in 2 days! I need to read what I am answering better.. or pick sometime that isn't in the middle of the night! Sorry ;)
No problem! I've made a couple of errors on here myself lately! Maybe we should both get some sleep!!?? LOL!
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