chameleon reptile shows


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i was just wondering does anyone know of the next reptile show that is being held in nyc?
i would love to attend and talk with some other owners
Where can you find more info on that show?? I was hoping there would be a reptile show coming up soon.
I found out some more info a little after i asked lol. I WAS gonna go next week but i forgot i was gonna be in atlantic city with my family that weekend... I'm gonna try n get to the one in white plains next month tho
hey guys I am new to this forum and chameleons I have been doing endless research and Im anticipating buying my first chameleon on march 27 at the Long Island reptile expo. I will also be at the april 17 white plans expo as well. Im driving out to Long Island Sunday hope to see you their. I just checked out screameleons website they had some very nice cham's. Do you think the prices will be cheaper at the expo?
The price for the cham will most likely be the same but you'll still save because you dont have to pay for overnight shipping. You'll find some deals on husbandry and awesome deals on feeders
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