chameleon journals site?


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What happened to the chameleon journals website? I see the link on all kinds of chameleon sites but it is broken. Anyone have any idea why?
Chameleon Journals was an excellent site.. I really miss it. If I remember correctly, the owners didn't renew their domain name. I thought they were going to move it somewhere else, but it just hasn't happened. You can view the archives at one of the archiving sites.. Brad showed me this. Here is a link to their archives:*/ Not all of the links are available as an archive, including the database (such a shame), but a lot of them are. I love the chameleon husbandry link because of the bugs.

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I am so glad that you posted this link Heika! Thanks to Brad for telling you! I missed being able to refer to the vet articles and some of the other things that are still there. Thanks!
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