Chameleon - from gravid to laying?


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I have a year and a half old Veiled chameleon who has been holding her eggs for over two month's - my question is how long before she lays as i would like a rough idea so i know when to take her for a check up!?!

She is still eating, i have the floor covered with nice deep soil, seems to be herself so not to concerned but if this is well over the given time then i do not want to sit around as we all know when these are in trouble it escalate quick.

I will be so grateful for any advise. I have searched every where for this info but it all covers chams that have mated?



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Yes this is how she has always done it apparently - this is what i done at first!

I put a big bucket full of soil in the viv but it was looked at like some alien creature so i spoke to the previous owner and was told the last time she lay the soil was moved from the middle into the corner and she made her own little And no she has NEVER been with a male??????

Cheers for help guys.x.

P.s added some other pics.x.
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