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Hello, so I have a chameleon that has been laying eggs for the past three months. She has layed them in separate batches like one day she laid 3 eggs, other 12, and the last batch was only 1. It’s been like 1 and a half months since she hasn’t laid eggs. I can still feel some eggs in her abdomin ( like 2 eggs) and I’m starting to get a little worried. Any recommendations? Thanks


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A veiled chameleon is supposed to lay the whole clutch of eggs all at one time. She should dig a hole..she might dig a couple of test holes but she should settle on one and did it until she's happy with it. She should then turn around butt down (usually in the evening) and lay all the eggs. She should then fill in the hole, tamp it down and return to the branches hungry and thirsty.

If she's laying one or two or any other amount individually then she is in trouble. Either she doesn't like the lay bin, hasn't had the right nutrients, has a deformity in the reproductive system or is heading for eggbinding and death.

If they do this and are "lucky" enough to lay the whole clutch this time, here and there, a few at a time, then the next time they are supposed to lay they will likely be eggbound and die.

A female that drops eggs here and there a few at a time may seem to recover and go back to her normal behaviour but will likely crash a few weeks later.

All I can say is take her to a GOOD CHAMELEON VET AND also go over your husbandry to make sure that she is being kept absolutely properly and hope that things will be ok. This needs to be done ASAP!!!


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