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  1. Calypso85

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    I have a four month old female Veiled Chameleon, and she is very active, she has a wonderful appetite, and resides in a full screen enclosed cage/terrarium. Her temp is steady at 90 degrees F and her humidity is also stable. In all aspects in terms of health and energy she seems to be doing very well. My only question deals with a physical aspect of her body.

    I've noticed just in the last couple weeks that her casque is slightly curved at the top. The casque is by no means flexible or weak. It just appears as if it has grown into a slight curve. Is this a cause for worry or for me to seek medical attention?

    Due to the fact that she is so healthy and active, I did not want to assume or jump the gun on this. I also plan on calling my local exotic vet to inquire about this as well.

    Any knowledge would be appreciated.
  2. Miss Lily

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    90 degrees is too hot for a 4 month old! Baby chams should be kept at a hottest temp of the low 80's. Adult females shoud be kept at this lower temp too. As for her casque, I have no idea. Do you dust her food with calcium and vitamin supplements?
  3. Calypso85

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    She might be older than four months. I'm estimating here. She is close to 7 inches in length. But I have had her since she was a baby. I dust her food at every feeding time. I usually alternate the calcium and vitamins. Do you suggest using both together?

    I know you mentioned that the temp should be low 80's but I haven't read this on any of the care information I have seen online or in books. In fact, she sits on her branch every day and more often than not sits closer to her basking area. This is why I'm not sure if that temp is too high. It goes from 87 to 90. Even right now as we type she is laying on her vine, in her basking zone.

    She moves away when she is warm.
  4. Carlton

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    First, some veiled chams have slightly crooked casques even though they are healthy. But, it can also be a symptom of calcium deficiency during a time of rapid growth. What are you gutloading with and how often are you dusting with calcium, calcium with D3, and herp vitamins. What kind of lighting are you using? These can affect calcium metabolism and bone growth.

    Questions about your temps and humidity. Is the temp 90 day and night? It's too hot, and chams need a 10-15 degree temp drop at night. No lights on at night...even heat, unless your room gets down below 50. What is the humidity level? It should not be high all the time nor low all the time.
  5. Calypso85

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    I dust my insects with calcium and vitamin supplements. I usually alternate calcium one day and vitamin the next, although I'm going to start combining the two when I do dust. I have an exo terra repti-glo 5.0 UVA/UVB spectrum light, as well as an incandescent bulb for regular basking heat. Her cage temp is at 80 and her basking temp is at 87 to 90 degrees which is accurate. At night she does not have lighting as my house is usually at 74 degrees.

    Her humidity is consistently at 50% which is also what I've been reading in books and online as an accurate level for the veiled species. She has a water dripping system for hydration and I mist her cage several times a day.
  6. sandrachameleon

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    What BRAND of calcium and vitamins? It makes a difference. As does what bugs she eats, and what the bugs eat. You probably do NOT want to combine and use vitamins so often. Most of the vitamins your cham gets should come from what you gutload the insects with.

    90F / 32C is hot for a female. check this site out for more info:

    I'd rather see 60% humidity than 50%. But frequent or constant access to water from the dripper mitigates this, and assuredly the hummidity goes up when you mist.

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