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Discussion in 'Chameleon Food' started by jontowns, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. jontowns

    jontowns New Member

    I was trying to instll trust by putting a giant worm in his mouth while he was gaping because I got in his space. He bite me....While supprising, the bite was fast and DID NOT HURT a bit....FYI

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  2. jessica

    jessica Avid Member

    That wasn't a bite that was a warning ;)

    Your guy is very beautiful!
  3. jontowns

    jontowns New Member

    my guy

    he is named HERQUELEESE
  4. Hampton

    Hampton New Member

    must have been a warning those little guys can hurt! granted im a girl but they startle me. my panther never bites me in fact almost enjoys being held i guess i got lucky he is very mild mannered, my vieled though is the meanest darn thing i have ever come across. With the little experience i have it seems like once their bitters they always will be unless their young and grow out of that grumpy stage.
  5. Gensen

    Gensen New Member


    Talk about a "back fire"... you were trying to instill trust and he bit you... now maybe you don't trust him! LOL! He is really a cutie pie though! He will come around it takes time each one is different. I have 2 and upon getting them have had 2 very different experiences!
  6. jontowns

    jontowns New Member

    instilling trust

    when herqueless bit me a little, i thought thats bad.
    since then i left the cage door open 3 times and he heads right to me if I'm on my laptop on the same table as his cage. kewl
  7. pssh

    pssh New Member

    Definately a warning nip. A real bite rips off flesh and makes you bleed alot!

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