Chameleon Babysitter?


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I just found out that I have to deploy overseas and I don't have anybody to watch my Chameleon because my wife is also in the AF and she is going thru Tech school in MS right now. I live in Abilene, Tx and I was hoping there might be somebody in TX, LA, or AR who might be willing to take care of my Cham while I am gone. When I get back I am moving to Shreveport, LA so anybody in the area would be great. I will deliver him myself and I will bring his cage and all equipment I just need a good home for him to stay while I am gone. All of my friends who would normally watch him are all going with me so I don't have anybody.

Here's a picture of him

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Is there anybody nearby willing to help me out while I'm deployed to the middleeast? What about anybody who might have a spare cage available for my cham to stay in while I'm gone? I am willing to ship him and I will pay for everything.

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