Chameleon acting strange

Hello. I have a female veiled chameleon that is likely 4-5 months. We had cleaners come to the house last week and I know for sure they vacuumed. She was fine before the cleaners but for the past week she hasn’t been herself. As soon as we enter the room she immediately runs away from us. When I walk in there and she is basking she has black spotting like she is stressed out. It seems like the only place she is light green is in the leaves of her money tree. When I fed her this morning she didn’t go down to the bottom of the cage immediately. This could have been because we turned on the lights a little late and then immediately fed her so she may have been waking up still. If I could get some opinions on what is up that would be great.


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What did the cleaners do in the room with her? If they scared her this could be a reaction from that. Did they use cleaning products in the room? This is not recommended since they have very sensitive lungs.

Can you post a picture of her cage including the lighting on top and a pic of your girl?


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I agree that it is most likely a reaction to something the cleaners used or did. I vacuum my chameleons room all the time and she is fine.
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