cham wont eat


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any advice on how to get my 8 month female veiled to eat? had her for a few days now, first couple days were fine, wouldnt eat this morning or last night. she had 1 or 2 crickets yesterday morning. Tried the cup method still doesnt seem to want to eat. Is this simply because shes not hungry or?
Leave be for the most part, let it settle in its new Environment, its a big deal to the lizard. Itll eat when its hungry provided your husbandry is ok. :)
Newer chameleons will normally required a couple days maybe even a week before the will freely roam a new tank and eat in front of you. Is she shy? Chance are she is eating when you aren't around. Just make sure cricket are available to her and she will eat when she is ready? If you see poop she is eating.
If she won't eat crickets, then try some alternative feeders, such as silkworms, superworms, or hornworms.
Does she have a place in the cage to dig to show you when she needs to lay eggs? Females often stop/slow down on eating just before laying eggs....and veileds don't have to be mated to lay eggs.

What's the temperature in the warmest area of the cage where she sits?
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